What is the project?

Creating and marketing a smartphone application that community members can use to record police activity. The application will simplify submission of video to “change makers” while tracking the progress of law enforcement departments across the country.

How can you help?

We need your help to produce the application and get it into the hands of the public. Everyone can help in some way, whether it be through donating, volunteering, sharing the idea, or just staying informed. Will you share this website with your friends who want to make a difference?

Video Overview

Watch this quick video to learn about our project

More Information

We are at a crossroads in the United States. Time and time again we have heard the cries of people who are poorly served or even abused by our justice system.  In many places real change has been slow or absent and the community does not have an easy central location to report problems or recognize progress in law enforcement. This smart phone application will allow community members to record law enforcement interactions in a way that:

  • Guides users to safely record law enforcement
  • Encourages recording of interactions before alarming or outstanding action happens
  • Stores their video on a remote server (Even if a device is destroyed or confiscated)
  • Allows objective public evaluation
  • Provides relevant video to authorities who champion change
  • Forms and empowers diverse community advisory panels
  • Creates a permanent record of positive or negative police interactions
  • Statistically tracks the progress of law enforcement interactions

This application will allow our justice system to accurately track their interactions with the public and allow the public to see the progress that is or is not made by their local law enforcement agencies. Let’s use this tool to enact and track REAL CHANGE in a constructive way that allows everyone involved to be a part of the solution! Being heard is no longer enough. It is time for change. 

For just $10 you get the option to have your name listed as a founder of the application! Big change costs money. Some people can give the cost of a dinner. Some can give more. Someone may be able to fund the whole undertaking. We must raise $5000 by July 31 for phase one of the project and to allow us to fund raise for the rest of the project. So please do your part to see that it doesn’t take another nationwide protest to make change happen.

Whether you can contribute financially or not, you can make a big difference by donating your time and skills. Click here to see how you can volunteer to help Produce, Test, Market, and Contribute to the application. Everyone can make a difference in some way. How will you?

Even if you cannot donate your money or time, please join our mailing list to show your support and that you would like to know how the project is going. We will send you periodic emails showing our progress and letting you know when to expect to see our application available for your device.