Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with… (Black Lives Matter, Citizens for Police Reform, Police Unions, etc.)?

Not at this time. We value input from members of any political or professional group, but we believe that affiliating with a single organization would make it more difficult to enlist the help of others.

Will there be an Android / iOS / Windows / Browser Based version of the application?

Our initial intent is to produce an application for Android and iOS platforms and it seems that a web browser based administration tool may make sense. Our initial Kickstarter goal amount will only allow for basic features on a single platform. We hope to significantly exceed our goal so that we can provide a more robust set of features on BOTH iOS and Android platforms. Future possibilities would include other platforms.

Will the application be only for the United States?

While our initial focus will be for use in the United States, the application will be developed with the intention of extending it elsewhere. The problem of excessive violence and discrimination is not limited to the united states and we intend to be prepared to easily expand. Exceeding our initial Kickstarter goal will help us keep the application extendable and extend it to other regions more quickly.

There are other “Record The Police” applications already available. Why do we need a new one? What makes this different?

Our market research found several similar applications currently available and several that existed before but are no longer available. There are key features that are not present on the existing applications. examples include:

Funded by the initial Kickstarter goal:

  • Coverage of the entire United States
  • Native Recording with GPS location and Timestamp
  • Engagement of local authorities to take action
  • Constructive public review of videos
  • Statistical tracking by department over time

Dependent on exceeding our Kickstarter goal:

  • Multiple platforms (additional smart phone types or extension of the web interface)
  • Real Time monitoring by subscribed police officials to oversee field officers in real time
  • Live streaming to offsite storage (to prevent losing video to confiscated or destroyed devices)